Renewals & Upgrades

FlexiSPY offers a quick and easy way to

  • Renew an existing FlexiSPY subscription
  • Upgrade an existing FlexiSPY subscription to a better product
  • Both of these can be done from inside your online portal.


    Your FlexiSPY order can be of two types.

    1. Automatic renewal. Your card is automatically charged at the billing period of the order. To cancel auto-renewal, select Cancel Auto Renew from your Account tab.

    2. Manual renewal. This type of order does not automatically charge your credit card. If you wish to continue using FlexiSPY then select the Renew option before your order expires. If you do not Renew a manual order, then all data for that device is deleted within 7 days after the order expires.


    An upgrade is when you change the product version from one version to a better one. For example, a 3 month product to a 12 month one.

    By upgrading a subscription, you agree that your current subscription will be REPLACED by the new subscription you upgrade to. The new subscription period begins immediately at time of upgrade.

    When you upgrade to a superior product, you will have a choice of automatic or manual renewal. If you choose automatic, then your first payment for the superior product will be discounted by the amount you paid for your original product.

    Upgrades cannot be reversed.

    For example:

    • If you upgrade from a 12 month Premium license to a 3 month Extreme license, you will have Extreme with only 3 months remaining, regardless of your previous subscription.
    • If you upgrade with a 12 month subscription, you will have 12 months remaining from date of upgrade.